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Check out this write-up of Dorie's
recent keynote Change = Opportunity.


From Leslie Weber, Senior VP and CIO
True Value, Inc.

“I have known Dorie for over ten years and have engaged her services at two companies that I have worked for.  Dorie has conducted training, facilitated strategy conversations and assisted me in developing ways to coach my organization to become more effective.  Her ability to grasp the dynamics of an organization, provide practical insight and pragmatic programs and solutions have helped me accelerate change management and build a more effective IT organization.”.

From Christopher Brown, MBA, MPH,Assistant Commissioner, STD/HIV/AIDS Division
Chicago Department of Public Health

“It has been a pleasure working with Dorie. She helped us channel our energy into some very realistic areas that I know will be productive in 2006 and 2007. In short, she restored my faith in strategic planning and I am grateful for that.”

Consulting Services

Dorie in classroomMy approach to consulting incorporates these elements:

I value and respect each organization’s capacity to grow in its own way.
Each organization has its own story, its own cultural dynamics, its own strengths, and its own challenges. After listening to the needs of the client, I will suggest methods or tools that have proven their value in similar situations, and collaborate with the client to customize a workshop, a series of sessions, or learning activities to meet the client's needs.

I bring subject matter expertise in the field of strategic sustainable change and developing leaders based on values and business needs, as practiced in business and as taught in leading universities.
I earned my MS Organization Development in 1995 from Loyola University, Chicago. Throughout my career, I have facilitated the design and implementation of leadership development programs, and I have served multiple roles in system-wide change processes.

I partner with leaders and their teams to help them articulate their shared vision and transform their visions into reality through plans that create commitment vs. “compliance.”
Methods I utilize emphasize participation and buy-in so that decisions are enacted, not just recorded.

I offer:

  • the use of scenario planning for anticipating strategic changes
  • the incorporation of appreciative inquiry in terms of interview questions and/or construction of strategic planning based on what is working or current strengths
  • building shared vision in a team
  • designing a change plan using a framework I’ve created called “Navigating the C’s of Change”
  • promoting team learning through the use of “dialogue” to synthesize diverse viewpoints
  • interactive events
  • communication effectiveness workshops, especially multi-cultural communication
  • designing an integration plan in anticipation of a merger or acquisition
  • sustainable leadership workshops using the framework provided by Karlin Sloan.

And yes, there’s also Music!
While serving in Human Resources and Organization Development capacities in various organizations, I have organized and conducted Employee Choruses and I have written and performed music for annual Board meetings, Employee Recognition dinners, and cultural events to celebrate successes within the organization. I have utilized jazz music to teach about teamwork, challenged groups to write music in an innovation workshop, incorporated special mixes of music to enhance a learning theme or serve as background to energize or relax.

Based on my past experience and my love of customizing and creating new ways to learn, I am now using my song-writing and singing ability to:

  • Celebrate successes
  • Provide keynote messages
  • Articulate new corporate culture
  • Stimulate dialogue around challenging issues
  • Encourage team formation or strengthening

I have enjoyed the opportunity to provide music for benefit concerts for organizations such as Chicago Mercy Hospital’s Breast Care Center (for three years) and Vital Bridges (Chicago-based HIV/AIDS support organization). In addition, I have written songs for special occasions, including “How Love Comes Through,” dedicated to the women who have survived breast cancer, as requested by Mercy Hospital in Chicago.

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